JD-01AIII LED negatoscope
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JD-01AIII LED negatoscope

Light source: Adopt patch type LED, each panel has≥378 LED,LED light source layout based on direct lattice type

  • JD-01AIII Single LED negatoscope
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JD-01AIII Technical Parameter

Item nr.and name JD-01AIII  one panel LED film viewer
Main technical specifications and requirements
1.1Main technical specificationsAccording with the newest professional industry standard YY/T0610-2007 published by China Food and Drug Administration.
*1.2Light sourceAdopt patch type LED, each panel has378 LED,LED light source layout based on direct lattice type
1.3Color temperature9600K
*1.4Highest Brightness4500cd/m2
*1.6DimmingMicro switch digital dimming.
*1.7LED circuit cardUse the whole board aluminum plate, excellent heat dissipation, thus ensuring LED longer life
*1.8Light the way Allowed every panel light up and adjustable independently, and make sure the uniformity without shadow. With film sensor, light up after insert film, light off when pull film off.
1.9Power InstallationThe built-in power supply, turn off the power switch means disconnect the entire device
*1.10Gripping film wayElastic silicone with patent applied by Jinde Tech
1.11Thickness45mm,unique designed for set  inside power supply, excellent heat dissipation, guaranteed quality.
1.12Film viewer screenThe Mitsubishi brand
*1.13Power supply110v-240v/50HZ(wide voltage)
1.15One panel viewing area(inch): 1417" External Dimension:500mm×510mm×45mm
*1.16The products have passed the European CE certification

Single dual triple quadruple high brightness x ray LED film viewer



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